Mother, Father, Please Remember

Mother, father, please rememberUntitled
That I’m a mere human – just like you.
I make mistakes and forget things
Just the same as you do;
And when I do, I’m ashamed
The same as you would be,
Please keep that in mind
Before you deal with me.
And when I’m acting out a lot
It’s because something is bothering me.
I’ve all the same emotions as you
But I don’t know how to tell you, you see…
I don’t quite have the words yet
To say “I’m frustrated”, “I’m distracted” or “I’m hurt”
Some day I’ll be able to tell you
But you have to teach me first.
And I need to feel like I’m important
As if I have a say too.
I realize you’re the parents and I’m the child
But I need to know my opinion means something to you.
Please keep in mind, mom and dad
I learn a lot about life from you
So if you talk to me with anger
That’s what I’ll learn to do,
But if you look at me and listen;Baby boy
if you’re compassionate, kind and teaching;
If you show me how to be patient and loving
I’ll learn to behave as you’re preaching.
Mother, father, please remember
That I’m a mere human, yes it’s true…
And in order to learn to treat others well
I need to be taught by you.

Rose-Anne Meyer


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