Apples And Oranges

Apples and OrangesOnce upon a time, there was an apple tree.  The apple tree never felt like it fit in with the other apple trees no matter how hard it tried.

Of course, it assumed that apple trees were supposed to feel a certain way.

Our little apple tree always thought that it should have been an orange tree.  It felt just plain wrong about not being an orange tree.

Mother nature must have made a mistake, after all, she did create the platypus.

After years of living as an apple tree unhappily, the apple tree decided to start painting its fruit orange.

This confused the other trees because the apple tree still had the features of an apple tree, but its apples were falsely orange.  Some of the other trees would get so uncomfortable with this concept that they would become angry and irrational, and sometimes violent.

Those trees were raised to believe that apples are apples, and oranges are oranges.  They assumed that everyone else should share their beliefs.

The apple tree still wasn’t happy.  It started taking orange hormones so its leaves and branches would begin to take on a more orange-like appearance.

By now there was a new type of confusion on which bathroom it should use.

Technically the apple tree was biologically an apple tree.  It still had all of the apple parts to reproduce and make more trees…but it looked and felt like an orange tree.

Even though it had all of the apple parts it was not comfortable being in the apple bathroom with all of the other apple trees and their apple parts.  It preferred to use the orange bathroom instead.

Many of the orange trees weren’t comfortable sharing their bathroom with an apple tree and its apple parts.  Many of the apple trees weren’t fond of the idea either.  These orange and apple trees are insulted, put down and labelled as intolerant by the very apple tree that refuses to share a bathroom with apple trees because they also possess apple tree parts.

Somewhere along the lines, being intolerant became an unforgivable offense.  Soon we’ll have to change the name of terms like “lactose intolerant” because intolerant will no longer be politically correct and will offend the person with the lactose intolerance….or it will offend the people who assume the lactose intolerant person should be offended.

The apple tree is increasingly unsatisfied with being an apple tree as it resembles one less and less.  It visits a doctor tree and has a surgery to change it into an orange tree.

This process removes all of the apple parts so that the apple tree will not be able to pass on its seed.  The surgery also adds on fake orange parts that are for cosmetic reasons only and that will not function the way orange parts are designed to.

The apple tree that felt like an orange tree became an orange tree-or as close to one as possible.

But the now-orange tree’s birth certificate still says the tree was born as an apple tree; and why not?  Our birth certificates provide information regarding our births, right?

this displeased the tree who desperately wants to be an orange tree in every way possible, even if it means destroying or changing any evidence that the tree was born as an apple tree.  And so, the once-apple now-orange tree has its birth certificate changed to state that it is, indeed, an orange tree.

As long as the now-orange tree avoids a DNA test, no one would ever need to know it used to have apple parts.

Some of the trees in the past that have undergone the same procedure lied to the trees they were in a relationship with.  They went to great lengths hide any truth.  They did that because they were afraid of being judged and rejected.  they thought that living in fantasy and lies was going to bring them happiness when instead it created stress, mistrust and anger.  They assumed no one would love them if they knew the truth.

Now that more trees in the forest have gotten to know trees that struggle with the identity of their fruit and who reach out their own branches in support, we hope and expect our now-orange tree will do the right thing and disclose information responsibly and honestly in any relationships it becomes involved in someday (much as we hope and expect any apple or orange tree to).

In fact, by now, our little tree has accumulated so much support from the forests that some of the trees are trying to say that there’s no distinction between apple trees and orange trees; that terms like “apple tree” and “orange tree” should be avoided to not offend anyone or to prevent bullying.  One can be an appange tree, an orapple or even an appora tree…but we should refrain from anything that implies there is some sort of difference between an apple and an orange tree that could cause confusion.

What blows my mind and ruffles my leaves is that nobody ever thought of telling the trees that there is no real way for an apple tree or an orange tree to feel.

The oldest tree among us doesn’t always feel old.  The wisest doesn’t necessarily feel wise.  The sapling feels as though it should be fully grown already.  The widest tree doesn’t feel bulkier than another tree.

There is simply no way that we should feel considering we are all unique trees, born the way we are for a reason, all equally confused and struggling to navigate our way though a complicated world.

That’s okay.

It’s time to stop using our branches to knock each other down and stop using our roots to choke each other out.  It’s time to start being honest, tolerant and understanding towards all of the apple trees and orange trees (and appange, orapple and appora trees) in the world.


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