Dear Religious Straight People

I need you to understand something…

I understand that you’re not gay.  You’ve never had to experience what it was like to be told that you can’t act certain ways because of your gender, and you’ve never been told that you shouldn’t be attracted to someone because your feelings are wrong.

Your struggles lie elsewhere in life.

You may be against the idea of man lying with another man.  You may disagree with a woman marrying a woman.  It might be against your religion.  It might make you feel uncomfortable.

But I have a few things I need to say about sexuality.

First off, as many have said before me, this is not a choice.  A person doesn’t wake up one day and decide to be attracted to Tonya instead of Tony.  Why would they choose to put themselves in a situation where they will be judged and under attack for something as silly as sexual preference?

Your religion states that being gay is a sin, or for some that acting upon the urges of being attracted to the same gender is a sin.  It’s okay to believe that.

But…and this is important….those are the guidelines to which you live your life.  If you are attracted to the same sex, that is a struggle for you to overcome that will bring you closer to or take you farther from God.  Strive to live life well.

It is not your duty to impose your beliefs or religion on anyone else.  You don’t get to make those decisions for other people.  It is wrong to refuse to include people or help people based on their sexuality.

That is bullying.

You can not pour hate all over people that disagree with some of your beliefs and call yourself a good Christian.  Nor can you assume that someone else can not do something because it’s against your religion.

Could you imagine protesting standing outside of a AA meeting with signs of hatred and sharp voices condemning those inside because they have sinned?  Or screaming at young adults that premarital sex will land them in hell.  Imagine slapping a “Sinner!” sticker on the forehead of every person you meet who’s having a cigarette.  Imagine harassing a person who’s gone through a divorce and had the nerve to move on to another husband before her first husband has died off, accusing her of adultery.  The list of sins is endless, yet we don’t draw attention to them all in a person’s every day life.

Unless they’re gay?  Why then?  Why all of the outrage over someone else’s private life?

When we’re dealing with two consenting adults that are not harming each other, why the upset?

You don’t have to live it.  You don’t even have to support it.  You can continue to strive to live your life according to the gospel you follow.

But don’t hate a gay person because they’re gay.

If you actually want to make a difference in the world and make a good name for Christians, be loving and kind towards mankind; even the elderly, the children, the homeless, the gay and lesbian people, the transgenders, the atheists and those who use words of hatred towards you.

Be religious, be strong, stand by your beliefs – but do it with love and forgiveness in your heart.

If you are one of the religious people who are being loving and accepting already, keep it up!  That’s awesome!  I know there are plenty out there shadowed by the angry ones but you will make a positive difference in the end.



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