Dear Gay and Lesbian People

Last week I wrote a letter to religious straight people.  Now I have something to say about the other end of this debate.

The way you were treated in the past was wrong.  Some of you were bullied mercilessly.  I’m sure there’s still a significant amount of hatred directed at you to this day..

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry people tried to push you into living lives that weren’t good for you.

I’m sorry people told you that you couldn’t be happy because it’s against their beliefs.

I’m sorry members of your own religion shunned you.

I’m sorry you were rejected, judged, abused, and harassed over something that is, quite frankly, nobody else’s business.

I’m sorry you were made to feel guilty and ashamed over something that was out of your control.

And I’m sorry that there are still bullies today eager to hunt you down and hurt you further.

They had no right to do this to you.

So why are you so eager to do it back to them?

I’ve stood by you all this time.  I’ve been your friend, your ally, and your support.

But some of you are doing things I can’t support.

You can’t fight for a freedom to love when you target religious establishments to dump out a truckload of hate on them.

You can’t demand that a church marry you, or that a bible be changed for you.  You can’t go along destroying the lives of photographers who won’t take marriage phitos of you, or ruining the lives of B&B owners because they won’t allow unwed couples to share a room.  These people didn’t come to you and attack you, you sought them out and hurt them.

That’s bullying.

There are several churches that would not marry me.  I’m an unwed mother who’s living with her partner.  I do not desire to marry in a church that is against every aspect of my life and forcing a church to change and marry me against their will seems like a really bad start to a happy and loving marriage.  I’d rather be surrounded by people who are accepting of me because they’re loving, not because I’m threatening to destroy their lives otherwise.

What are you trying to accomplish with your bullying?  Are you trying to destroy religion because it states that your life (and mine) is a sin?

Let’s say you win.  Religion is banned.  People have to practice their religion hidden in the basement of their homes in secret.  Bibles are destroyed.  Being anti-gay is punishable by jail time.

What then?

What about the church groups that marched in the parade alongside you?

What about the innocent child who believes in God but does not hate nor fear you?

What about all of the religious people who fought among their own families and church families to stand up for you even though they were not gay themselves?

Would you trample the very people who stood up for you?

You don’t get to decide what other people believe.  You don’t get to harm them because you’re angry.  You don’t get to decide what’s right for someone else’s life.DSCF1536

If you’re being a jerk because someone was a jerk to you, than at least stop lying about it and pretending to be loving and accepting.  #samehate

If you’re preaching love an acceptance, than live it.  You can make a world of difference.  #samelove


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