We Should Not Accept Refugees

We should not have baths because we’ll probably drown.  Showers are out too because we will slip and fall, Crack our heads open and die.

We shouldn’t have a child because he could get very sick and die.

We shouldn’t enter into relationships because our partner could end up being  psychotic or abusive.

We should never go camping with friends because one of them might be a serial killer.

We shouldn’t be willing to help a fellow human in desperate need of help because one or two among thousands may be a bad person.

I tell my child to stand up to bullies, even when someone else is under attack which will redirect attention to him and make him a target.  We know that when enough people help the victims and stand up for what’s right, changes can be made.

But that has nothing to do with the refugees, right?

If suddenly a group of radical Canadian terrorists started murdering all Canadian citizens; my friends, my family and destroying my home, I would like to imagine that someone would be willing to help us in the ways that we can’t help ourselves.



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