Creative Writings

This page will link back to all of my writings that I’d like to share with everyone.

These posts will have been poems and blurbs mostly that I have written and saved up over 17 years.  Each one of these will be my own creation unless stated otherwise.  Most of the time, the piece will be dated…you’ll only recieve the year but my copy has the weekday, month, year, my age and my signature on it.  I am a little obsessive like that sometimes.

You’ll find most of these will have to do with depression, anxiety,  insomnia or parenting.

My mind is always writing, even when my hands are busy with other things.

I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback on my tales.

A parenting poem:
Mother, Father, Please Remember

My ideas on sex change
Apples and Oranges

A short piece on what “I don’t know” means.
I Don’t Know

A little bit of fiction about a walk through my mind
Hallways of my Mind

A short poem about a grand idea.
Grand Idea

A short piece about life
The Finish Line

A response to banning objects for the safety of people
The Family Gets Offended

A take on addiction
Parade Behind The Hedges


This piece is to help explain why someone with a mental illness seems to be always tired
Why Are You Tired?

A post regarding why I can’t.
I Can’t

A poem about taking it easy on yourself
It Really Is Okay


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