This is likely where the majority of my posts will be considering most of the other topics will end up taking more time to prepare and organize.  Let’s face it, we’re all filled to the brim with opinions and in many cases overflowing to the point where we just can’t keep it in.  That’s where I am…I’m bursting with things to say and I am even willing to assume that there are people out there in the world that would be interested in listening to me, or debating me.

I welcome all comments and debates, but I’d like to request that we all remain decent.  Just because we’re hiding behind the mask of the internet doesn’t mean we need to turn into overgrown toddlers.


This is my response to a blog titled “Christian men – You don’t pay for the milk when you own the cow” and two others by the same blogger biblicalgenderroles
Your Cow Can’t Produce Milk

This blog is one that shares my take on sex change.
Apples And Oranges

How we interpret labels as opposed to how they’re meant to be used

My ideas on mental illness and how we’re not looking at it correctly.
Mental Illness

My response to the idea of banning objects for the safety of people or to keep from offending people.
The Family Gets Offended

A letter to religious straight people.
Dear Religious Straight People

A letter to the LGTBQ
Dear Gay and Lesbian People

My thoughts on loving your spouse/partner.
Unconditional With Limitations

On my child’s fear of wasps.
Wasp! Wasp!

On how people treat science as though it’s a religion.
Your Science Cult

What bodily autonomy means for parenting.
We Can’t Vaccinate Our Children

A response to Bill Nye on abortion from a youtube video.
My Response To Bill Nye On Abortion




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